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Kim Brooks
Kim Brooks
Q. How would you describe your life in only 8 words?
A. Fun, exciting, purpose driven with lots of red
Kimberly Sabatini
Kimberly Sabatini
Q. How would you describe perfect happiness?
A. Living completely in the moment I'm in--no regrets.
Kris Kennedy
Kris Kennedy
Q. What were your previous occupations?
A. Psychotherapist; teacher; coordinator for dual diagonsis program; tie-dye shirt maker & seller; dishwasher; waitress;...

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Sarah Tomlinson
Sarah Tomlinson
It's All Happening
Today I received an email asking if my book, GOOD GIRL, is available on I doubted it would be, this far in...
Kim Brooks
Kim Brooks
Single and Tired of Waiting on God To Send a Husband
HelloHave you ever had a feeling that maybe, just maybe God may have forgotten about you when it comes to sending you a...
Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Debbie Ridpath Ohi
You can now get NAKED! in bookstores! Plus my NAKED! book tour report is now online
I'm delighted to announce that NAKED! is now available in bookstores. I also went on my very first book tour and finally...

My life in 8 words

Author Doodle by Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott
Lucky. Very, very lucky. That and yep, lucky.
Author Doodle by Michele R. Wright
Michele R. Wright
Extremely Blessed, Highly Favored, and Full of Love
Author Doodle by Lloyd Boston
Lloyd Boston
Anything creative makes me happy!
Author Doodle by Lisa McMann
Lisa McMann
Another dorky, Pajama-wearing writer, Spilling angst around. (hey look, it’s a haiku!)
Author Doodle by Debbie Dadey
Debbie Dadey
Believer, writer, wife, mom, teacher, librarian, and volunteer
Author Doodle by Dia Reeves
Dia Reeves
I'd like to, but I'm too busy writing.
Author Doodle by Ania Ahlborn
Ania Ahlborn
Sugar and spice taking a demon's advice.

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